The Book

Discovering Australian Butterflies - A simple guide to Australia's most common butterflies

Would you like to discover more about Australia’s common butterflies ?

Most people can recognise at least half a dozen Australian birds - how many of your local butterflies do you know?

With this book you will be able to easily identify and name 60 of the most common butterflies found in Australian backyards, gardens, parks and our native bush.

Would you like to attract more butterflies to your garden?
Butterflies will only lay their eggs on specific food plants, if the right food plant is in your garden there is a good chance the butterfly will visit.

Each entry features: common name, scientific name, colour photos, distribution map, brief description, gender differences, wingspan, distinguishing marks and larval food  plants.

Other chapters include topics such as butterfly trivia, life cycle, how butterflies got their name, butterfly words, where to find butterflies and how to tell if it's a moth or a butterfly.

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Discovering Australian Butterflies - Vanessa Bugg

112 pages, featuring 60 common butterflies

Child and student friendly

An ideal nature guide for all ages wanting to know and understand more about our unique Australian wildlife.