Common Australian Butterflies

Discovering Australian Butterflies - 60 most common Australian Butterflies

Common Butterflies

Here are some common Australian Butterflies you are likely to find in your own back yard.

Varied Eggfly:

can be rather territorial and like to defend their 'patch' from other butterflies.  They can be found along the northern and eastern coast of Australia, down to northern NSW.   Wingspan is between 76 - 86mm.  Males and females are quite different. Pictured is the female.  Larvae feed on a wide range of plants but are usually found on Lesser Joyweed and Paddy's Lucerne.

Yellow Migrant:

is a migratory species and can be found along the east coast of Australia. They have been recorded as far north as the Atherton Tablelands, Qld and as far south as Sydney in NSW.  Wingspan is 56mm in both male and females.  Larvae feed on various Cassia and Senna species.

Australian Painted Lady:

also a migratory species, they can be found in Qld (except Cape York Penninsula), NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and southwestern areas of WA and south eastern NT.  Wingspan is 43 - 47mm. Larvae feed on a number of plants including everlasting daisies, and introduced Cape Weed.


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Common Australian Butterfly, Varied Eggfly

Varied Eggfly

Common Australian Butterfly the Yellow Migrant

Yellow Migrant

Common Australian Butterfly the Painted Lady

Painted Lady

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