Vanessa Bugg

Is that really your name ?

YES.... it is my real name.

A few years ago someone with great insight told me that I would transform like a butterfly, start to spread my wings and undertake new ventures...  They could see me writing a book one day !!!

A book - I don't think so... it was the last thing I could ever imagine myself doing - as for transforming into a butterfly ...! well my parents did name me after a butterfly. The Painted Lady - Vanessa kershawi. (pictured on the header)

Having named me Vanessa, who could have imagined that I would marry a 'Bugg',  and write a book about butterflies!

So with great surprise and spreading of wings I found myself publishing a book on butterflies !

Having grown up with a butterfly enthusiast, I took butterflies for granted, it wasn’t until I started putting this book together that I really appreciated how fascinating these creature are.  I was also surprised to discover how much is still unknown about these little guys.

If you would like to know more about Australian butterflies and how to identify them, check out the book.

Vanessa Bugg - Author | Mum | Publisher

Vanessa Bugg