Butterfly Information

Learn more about the butterflies in your backyard

What is a butterfly?

A butterfly is an insect.
They have a head, a thorax, an abdomen, two pairs of scaled wings and six legs.

Butterflies, along with moths, belong to the order Lepidoptera i.e. insects with scaled wings.
There are 28 different insect orders in Australia.

In Australia there are approximately 420 different species of butterflies, as opposed to approximately 20,000 worldwide.

What are butterflies ?

They are the Kings & Queens of nature's fashion
Their gorgeous colouring, the patterns on the wings,
The richness of their markings,
The subtlety, symmetry and interplay of the colours
All ensure that these delicate creatures are
Insects of almost unbelievable beauty


I hope…

I hope this book will increase the awareness and understanding of butterflies. 
Maybe inspire someone to create a butterfly garden.
Help you to get to know your local butterflies.

Let’s face it everyone can name at least half dozen birds why not butterflies?

Rearing Butterflies

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