About Us


It all started when my kids were young and borrowed a book from the school library about - 'Butterflies and Moths of the World'.  They kept borrowing it for weeks.  I mentioned this to my Dad, who has been mad keen on butterflies since he was fourteen, and still is today, 65 years later. 
In fact he loved butterflies so much he named me Vanessa after a butterfly, but more about that here.
Having worked as an entomologist at the Australian Museum he said "leave it to me I'll get them a decent book on Australian butterflies."  Well he searched and searched and much to his surprise there weren't any books available at the time, that were suitable for children or a beginner for that matter.

This got me thinking....

I decided to produce the book my Dad couldn't find.

Dad had all the specimens for me to photograph, a lifetime of knowledge and it would be a great tribute to his life long passion.

My goal was to produce a book, that was simple enough for children to enjoy but informative enough for students or adults wanting to know more about these amazing creatures.

The book was originally published in 2006 and has been enthusiastically received by over a thousand people of all different ages and interests.


Welcome to the Beauty and Perfection that Exists in Every Butterfly